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With his expert teachings, philosophical insights, and pragmatic imagery, world-class yoga instructor Tias Little turns the anatomy of the physical body into a tool for navigating the subtle body. If you spend considerable time doing yoga, you begin to see that it is about much more than just the body—the practice of yoga in fact reveals that the body is in no way separate from the pyschospiritual forces that animate it. Tias Little here provides a way to understand these forces as they relate to an integrated yoga of body, mind, and spirit. He unites somatic concepts and wisdom teachings in this practical guide to the anatomy of the physical, mental, emotional, and subtle (or energetic) body. Little is a master teacher who offers us a guided tour of the body’s structure and physical anatomy, then uses this new structural awareness as the basis for exploring the subtle body. In a meaningful and pragmatic way, the book maps the connection between the body and the rich symbolism that pervades the yogic imagination, including the chakras, nadis, and koshas. Further, Little offers readers clear, insightful yoga, pranayama, and meditation exercises that apply these body-mind principles.
This book in a nutshell explains what yoga is and how it works, followed by an outline of its history and how it was developed in the East and adopted and adapted in the West. The book describes health and how it is measured since a few medical books have their own definition of health saturated and described in the Western context. It verifies how most people fail to define and measure their own state of health since they only think that they are unhealthy when something is wrong which has been influenced by what they have been socialised to think through the Western biomedical system. This book takes a moment to compare and contrast the Eastern definition opposed to the Western point of view. Furthermore, it defines health in terms of energy systems. Chapter four focuses on energy and recharging to maintain balance and free-flowing quality and good volume for the state of health. Finally, the last two chapters discuss how yoga relates with other body energy systems and how yoga and energy therapies relate to everyday life. At the end of the book, there is a series of exercises which you can do to activate and cultivate your own energy and level of existence. If yoga is new to you, I hope that this book will inspire you to find spice in your life and begin to practice, if you are already a practitioner I hope it will expand your frame of reference and take your works further.
Digestive issues are widespread and prove difficult to address through mainstream medicine. Senior yoga teacher Charlotte Watts sheds light on the connection between the gut and the brain, explains the links between stress, trauma and digestive issues and demonstrates how yoga with its focus on stilling the mind can have profound effects on conditions such as IBS, IBD, acid reflux, colitis, diverticulitis and more. Breath awareness allows the breath to drop into the belly and diaphragm, essential for good digestive function and understanding the fascial connections within the viscera help shape movement that enables optimal function. Fully illustrated with clear diagrams and instructions, this volume provides yoga, movement and medical professionals with a solid understanding of the digestive system in relation to breath, mindfulness, posture, anatomy, movement, stress and trauma. It helps them to apply this knowledge to their practice and teaching approach.
?Cancer? is a word that changes everything... And not just for the person diagnosed: loved ones, medical professionals and even yoga teachers become part of the equation. This book offers tools for everyone involved using yoga practices that date back thousands of years, presented in clear and simple language. Yoga Therapist L?rien Neargarder blends complex teachings with evidence-informed practices and provides her readers from all perspectives with techniques to bring more calm in the face of cancer's chaos. Learn how to reduce suffering by adding yoga to the cancer equation.
A guide to energetic healing features illustrations, terminology, and information about how energetic biology relates to physical well-being, covering such topics as acupuncture, the chakras, reflexology, and magnetism.
A yoga-inspired guide for self-healing through the subtle body When you step onto the mat, who is your teacher? “Each of us—no matter who we learn from or what style of yoga we practice—can become our own teacher and create a deeply personal and healing yoga practice,” writes internationally acclaimed yoga teacher and trainer Peter Sterios. “The key is to learn the language of our own subtle body.” As most practitioners come to realize, yoga works on much more than the physical body—it also works on the unseen, energetic forces that enliven our physical experience. With Gravity & Grace, Sterios provides a clear, comprehensive guide for accessing the power of the subtle body through yoga. His popular yoga video series of the same name made Yoga Journal’s top 15 yoga DVDs of all time, and here, Sterios brings the same lighthearted and joyful approach to the page. Using hatha yoga as a starting point, Sterios guides readers to create healing yoga practices that serve each person’s unique tapestry of personality, background, and body type. Through lessons and practice principles that anyone, with any level of health or experience, can follow, readers will gain a deeper understanding of subtle body anatomy, its physical and psychological effects on our health, and how to harness its energy for optimum healing. HIGHLIGHTS Sterios has been teaching and practicing yoga around the world for over 40 years, including at the Obama White House His popular yoga video Gravity & Grace is one of Yoga Journal’s “top 15 DVDs of all time” Includes easily understandable English translations and elegant illustrations for many of yoga’s esoteric topics, making its concepts highly accessible There are 200 million yoga practitioners worldwide and 36 million in the US

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