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"You are the breath of God, clothed as the image of God, living and moving and having your being in the garden of God, and blossoming into the glory of God. If you walk in the assurance that the Supreme Power of the universe is for you, with you, in you, and through you, you will never again experience fear, doubt, or worry. This faith is the secret that summons all the forces, circumstances, and events in the universe to always conspire to help you get what you truly desire." The Miracle is You, is a sequel to Godfrey Esoh's first phenomenal book, The Secret is You. In this book, Godfrey elucidates the core spiritual philosophies on which human life is founded, using clear and simple scientific language. Drawing inspiration from his personal transformative experience, the author empowers the reader with insights and practical steps that can be applied to make life more meaningful, joyful, and successful. The basic premise of The Miracle is You, is that life itself is a miracle. As such, by understanding the principle by which the universe miraculously unfolds, and aligning ourselves with these principles, we automatically make our lives a fountain of miracles. This approach to life will lead us to the place where success is no longer something we need to achieve through effort, but rather, a state of being that is as natural as our breathing, and our heartbeat.
From the creators of You Are My I Love You, a traditional and heartwarming Christmas book for new mothers, fathers, and their little miracles of joy. Nothing beats the magic of time spent between parent and child, and perhaps no time is more magical than Christmas. Presented in gentle rhymes and illustrations as warm and glowing as a winter’s fire, here is one such Christmas. Maryann Cusimano Love and Satomi Ichikawa, the team behind the international bestseller You Are My I Love You, pair up once again to bring you this instant classic.
The Miracle of You Born of the stars themselves, your soul is destined for immortality. You are nature’s greatest joy and God’s greatest miracle. In this absorbing work, Elaine Wilson connects you with how you came to be and with all you can become. Be reminded of the impact of joy on your life and the gratification you experience when you know you are on the pathway to all the affirmations life can bring to you. The Miracle of You includes compelling, real-life stories of those who have achieved because they believed. It proposes ways you can do the same. Be energized and filled with happiness and hope as you enjoy the power-filled message. Live the life proclaimed by the universe to be yours! You are the miracle about which this book was written!
Most of us have heard this statement many times ‘Quran is a miracle of miracles’. We have heard this many times and we continue to hear this statement often, but the question is that what is it in the Quran that really makes the Quran a miracle? Well to find out more, by mastering the miracles in this book you will master the miracles in the Quran that you may have never heard of. When I found these amazing miracles in the Quran after every miracle that I found I asked myself this question, ‘How come I was unaware of this miracle?’ ‘Why didn’t I know about this miracle?’ Some miracles amazed me where as some shocked me. I can assure you, once you start reading this book, it will not quench your thirst until you finish reading it and you would feel the same way as what I felt when I got to know about these miracles. This will only increase in knowing your creator, Allah and becoming more obedient to him since this is really the ultimate purpose of our creation.
Are you ready to take charge of your life and to create positive lasting change, once and for all? The Miracle of Change asks you this very powerful question: If not you...then who? you ever thought, “There has to be a better way?” The Miracle of Change in its simplicity masterfully empowers you to the life you desire at home, at work, and at play. We have the opportunity right now to be part of an unprecedented paradigm shift, to a more peaceful, happy and abundant world for everyone. We can get very confused about the reason for all the challenges in people’s lives in these times, but Doug Anderson shows that what needs to happen on an individual basis is a cleansing or detoxing of our minds. He will teach you: How to gain freedom to choose your life every step of the way. How to release yourself from old traps and beliefs you’ve used to avoid success. How to find joy, happiness, and success you’ve never thought possible in all aspects of your life. How to recognize that your pain comes from resisting change. Guidelines and skills that will show you how to create the life you want and desire. Doug Anderson guides you to become a player in your daily life, using the challenges at hand to make this shift easier for yourself. Once you learn his simple yet powerful guidelines and tools, you’ll be well on your way to experiencing new levels of ease, flow, and success in this new paradigm. The Miracle of Change transcends binding, negative beliefs and transforms the power of force into the power of love, creating breakthroughs in people’s lives they never thought possible. “This book can teach you how to create happiness for yourself and others in your world that will last for the rest of your life.” -Doug Anderson
There is a mysterious human dimension, the recognition of which shatters all our ideas about who we are, where we come from and what our mission in this world is. This is the realm of Consciousness: The final scientific and spiritual mystery. This book is about the mysteries and miracles of Consciousness. About the living spirit in action which, dressed up in the machinery of your body, discovers itself and the wonders of the world.
This volume contains the original "Course in Miracles" text, as well as the "Course for Miracles for Teachers" and "The 360 Lessons."