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"This book poses the question of why revolutions--from the French Revolution through the Russian and more recent revolutions--tend to produce tragic outcomes. As the author puts it: 'I have become intrigued with the idea of writing a short book on why so many revolutions turn into bloody catastrophes. Though a huge amount has obviously been written about revolutions, I think a good short review of why they so often disappoint so badly could find a good audience. Of course the planned book would not please those with different views. I want to insist on the contingent nature of what happened rather than seeing revolutions in a Marxist way as necessary and inevitable steps toward world historical progress. I also believe that key individuals make a big difference, so the purely structural analyses that predominate in sociology and political science lack an important element. Then, too, the age of revolutions is far from over, and while I don't really think that history repeats itself, there are recurrent patterns to watch out for.' Chirot proceeds by exploring the combination of extremism and incompetence that characterize most revolutionary movements, the effects of counter-revolutionary forces in complications post-revolutionary regimes, the often tyrannical application of idealistic norms on societies experiencing revolutionary change, and the corruption and oppression that often characterize post-revolutionary regimes. He plans to end the book with a chapter on what can be learned from his study with respect to future revolutionary movement"--
When SDS splintered in June 1969, a majority of the delegates supported the program of its Worker-Student Alliance caucus. These candid accounts by WSA activists bring to life their struggles to end the Vietnam War and achieve social justice-and evaluate both WSA's successes and its failure to achieve its promise.
The information technology (IT) revolution has arrived, but how much will it change the world? It has been established that IT is contributing to labor productivity growth through both increases in the levels of IT capital per worker and total factor productivity (TFP) growth in the production of IT equipment. The main outstanding issue is whether IT is contributing to TFP growth more generally. Using data on IT expenditure and production for a broad sample of countries, we find a positive, large, and significant effect of IT expenditure on the acceleration in TFP in the late 1990s and a smaller-and significant-effect of IT production. We also find evidence that the impact of IT expenditure on TFP growth increases over time, suggesting that spillovers materialize gradually. Our results suggest that the increase in IT expenditure across industrial countries during 1995-2000 will eventually lead to an average increase in TFP growth of about one-third of 1 percent per year.
"Contributions by Kate Bethune, Elizabeth Bisley, Clare Browne, Oriole Cullen, Edwina Ehrman, Jenny Lister, Elisa Sani, Cassie Davies-Strodder, Claire Wilcox"--Title page verso.
Drifting in space, the Bea Arthur has been damaged almost beyond repair by a sudden attack. There is only enough life support for two people, so Deadpool must choose which of his teammates to release from cryo-sleep in order to save the rest. Please, please, PLEASE don't let it be Dogpool!
Beginning with the social, political, and cultural upheavals of 1968, this volume focuses on the theme of revolution in areas such as race, gender, and the environment. Based on presentations given at the 2018 CTS conference, the book's highlights include essays from plenary speakers Willie James Jennings, Julie Hanlon Rubio, and Christopher Pramuk.

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