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This easy-to-read handbook reveals insider insights and helpful hints about: Christian publishing industry trends, alternatives to traditional publishing, planning your custom publishing project, marketing your book.
You, too, can publish your own book. In easy to understand terms, "Publish It Yourself" lays out the steps that need to be taken to print, publish, and market your own book.
In Format your book for print with MS Word, IndieMosh founder Jennifer Mosher introduces the aspiring self publisher to the wonders of Word's Styles function. The exercises in the book illustrate a range of things the PC user (or advanced Word for Mac user) can do quite easily to make their work appear neater and more readable.
SELF-PUBLISHING YOUR BOOK IN MULTIPLE FORMATS is designed to help writers take advantage of the many formats for publishing and selling books. It features an introduction to the different platforms and how to prepare and publish your manuscript in each format. By doing so, you can take advantage of the multiple approaches for selling your book to customers who like to read books in different ways. To this end, the book features the following topics: - preparing your manuscript for publication, - deciding how to publish your book, - deciding on the format for your book, - choosing a print-on demand platform, - creating an audiobook, - hiring a narrator for your audiobook, - creating your book as an online course, - organizing your course and creating videos and other materials, - creating your book or chapters as a PDF.
They say everybody has a book in them, so why should only a select few get to share theirs with the world? As a new writer, the process of making your dream into a reality feels incredibly daunting given the lack of information out there. This inspired award-winning, bestselling author Meghna Pant to write a book filled with the advice she wishes someone had given her when she was starting out. Including never-before collected essays from experts in their field including Jeffrey Archer, Shobhaa De, Ashwin Sanghi, Meena Kandasamy and many more, How To Get Published in India busts myths and answers questions as varied as which publisher would be best for your work, where to find inspiration for a short story, how to manage your finances if you plan to write fulltime, how to write a cover letter and how to successfully promote your book.
In print for over thirty years, The Printing Ink Manual, published on behalf of the Society of British Printing Ink Manufacturers, is the industry 'bible' for all printing ink technologists, manufacturers, packaging and publishing printers all over the world. Thoroughly revised and updated throughout, the new material present in this fifth edition reflects the substantial developments that have taken place in recent years, including: The dramatic expansion in the use of lithographic inks with particular attention to cold-set, head-set, sheet-set, sheet-fed and web offset and metal decorating inks. The use of flexographic inks in newspaper printing Ink-jet inks: a complete new chapter has been added The most recent theories of high-speed measurements in the rheology of inks The European Quality Assurance Standards ISO 9000 The latest legislation on health, safety and the environment. £/LIST£ All chapters have been reviewed, updated and expanded wherever needed. Further important features include a listing of all the raw materials used regularly in the manufacture of printing inks, giving full information on their physical and chemical properties. Formulation technology is fully illustrated with practical examples and the significance of environmental issues and quality management is also covered in detail. Legislation, mainly European and from the United States, together with specifications set by world-wide end-users have established printing ink as a truly international product. Many of the chapters in The Printing Ink Manual have been written by authors working for international companies to ensure that the contents include the widest international practices and The Printing Ink Manual therefore represents an international reference source which is used throughout the world.

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