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Ever Wondered If You're Psychic? Discover Your Intuitive Abilities Now! Recognize and enhance your natural intuitive talents with this essential guide, which is specially designed to strengthen your psychic edge in daily life. With an easy, conversational tone, professional intuitive Melissa Alvarez helps you find where your skills and interests lie within the psychic and metaphysical worlds. Your Psychic Selfis great for beginners or as an all-around reference. This valuable manual shows you the various ways psychic ability can manifest, and also teaches how you can work with these abilities. Inside this book you'll discover: How to identify signs of psychic intuition and experiences How to protect yourself from negative influences Practice exercises and techniques to develop your abilities in everyday life Types of intuitive communication and spirit beings with whom you can connect Praise for Your Psychic Self: "This comprehensive reference book contains excellent information to help anyone—regardless of their degree of expertise—to recognize, enhance, harness, and clarify their intuitive abilities."—Tess Whitehurst, author of The Good Energy Book and The Art of Bliss "This book covers all aspects of intuitive abilities. Perfect for the inquisitive beginner."—Elizabeth Owens, author of Spiritualism and Clairvoyance for Beginners
Go beyond your beginnings and unleash your full intuitive power with this practical, intermediate book on psychic development. Author Melanie Barnum provides effective methods for improving your innate gifts as well as your confidence. Psychic Development Beyond Beginnersfeatures illuminating stories from Melanie's client sessions, engaging exercises to deepen your connection to your metaphysical self, detailed interpretations for the psychic signs and symbols you encounter, and much more. This accessible guide gives you a fresh perspective on psychic development and allows you to explore the vast possibilities of being psychic, from mediumship to past life experiences to astral travel. You'll learn to release the hold your physical mind has put on your spiritual self, allowing your gifts to truly blossom. Praise: "In-between these covers is everything you need to up your psychic game...[Barnum shares] everything you need to apply all your psychic skills for everyday use but also to assist others. Why not employ ALL of your psychic intelligence? Barnum can show you exactly how to do that, with a lot of fun along the way."--Cyndi Dale, bestselling author of Raise Clairaudient Energy "[Melanie Barnum] explains how to connect with energy, explore meditation, work through blocks coming from ego, and how to communicate with spirit guides. We all have intuition and use it daily whether we describe it as a hunch or gut feeling. The next step is to develop our intuition into psychic ability, which takes practice and training. I love how Melanie describes this work in her book as 'Respect your psychic intelligence.'"--Kala Ambrose, award-winning author of The Awakened Aura "This is a well written book that is simply chocked full of information for the novice and experienced alike. I believe we should always keep growing, and this book will assist in new growth for any medium, beginning or profesional."--Elizabeth Owens, author of Spirit Messages "This book could not have come at a better time for me, and I recommend it to any psychic who feels a little discouraged at any stage in his or her advanced development."--Alexandra Chauran, PhD, author of 365 Ways to Develop Your Psychic Ability
Developing your natural psychic skills begins with an open heart, and the more you connect with your heart, the easier your abilities flow. In this introduction to psychic development, you’ll learn to embrace your spiritual gifts and expand them based on the system of three pillars: awareness, auric vision, and intuition. The Way of the Psychic Heart is an easy-to-use guide to rediscovering your forgotten spiritual gifts. Everyone is psychic; it’s a normal state we’ve forgotten and can reconnect with through the quizzes, exercises, personal stories, and simple instruction provided within. Explore a variety of topics, including psychic protection, automatic writing, working with dreams, communicating with spirit guides, and more. With his friendly and approachable style, author Chad Mercree shows you how to integrate intuition into everything you do. Praise: “Readers will enjoy learning about the role of the heart in extraordinary experiences, spirituality, and ESP.”— Henry Reed, PhD, author of Awakening Your Psychic Powers
Discover the energetic power of animals and how to connect with their frequencies in order to grow spiritually. This easy-to-use, A to Z reference guide contains encyclopedic listings for nearly two hundred animals—wild, domestic, and mythical—and easy techniques and visualizations for building relationships with them, including energetically bonding with your pets. All animals possess a distinctive energy vibration that can connect with yours, allowing you to communicate with them and understand their role in your spiritual development. Praise: "In this reference manual, spirituality coach Alvarez explores the meanings and messages she believes can be found in relationships with animals. Providing encyclopedic information on almost 200 species, Alvarez encourages readers to pay attention to the animals that appear in their lives and lays out ways to better bond with their pets. The book also features guided meditations and visualizations.—Publishers Weekly "When understanding subtle energy and its effects, we can bridge the gap between our reality and that of the animals. This is where we find the magic. Animal Frequency gives meaning to these experiences."—Dr. Dennis W. Thomas, doctor of veterinary medicine, author of Whole-Pet Healing "Animal Frequency is an important book that you'll read for pleasure, and will refer to for the rest of your life."—Richard Webster, bestselling author of Spirit & Dream Animals
Imagine being able to see people, landmarks, or objects in a far away location without physically going there! Offering a unique combination of intuitive and analytical guidance, Psychic Vision includes everything you need to know about using clairvoyance and remote viewing to enhance your life. With chapter-by-chapter exercises created specifically to take you on a clairvoyant journey—as well as instructions for the exact protocols used by government intelligence agencies—Psychic Vision is an indispensible guide to developing your psychic sight. Sharing true stories of actual remote viewing events, this book provides practical applications for clairvoyance and introduces you to an extraordinary and inspiring spiritual awareness.
Are you looking for a guide for improving your psychic abilities? Then keep reading... The term "psychic" is one that almost everyone has heard at one point or another. One of the first images that may come to mind is that of an exotic woman promising to tell you what the future holds for only ten dollars a minute a real bargain considering what's at stake. Another image might be of a person using their psychic abilities to tell what card a member of the audience is holding or to levitate a table in front of that same audience. Needless to say, most of these examples of psychic abilities are nothing more than parlor tricks, more often than not found in the same books that teach a person how to pull a rabbit out of a hat. Unfortunately, this false and hokey image of what a psychic is causes most people to dismiss the real phenomenon, one that affects virtually every single person daily. This results in countless people failing ever to tap into their true psychic potential and use their abilities to transform their lives. Therefore, it is important to properly define what it means to be psychic, thereby helping you to discover your abilities and talents. Perhaps the best way to understand what the term "psychic" really means is to take a closer look at the word itself. The word comes from the Greek word "psyche", which means mind or soul. This is also the root word for such things as psychology, psychiatry, and psychosomatic. All of these words share a common meaning, namely the focus on the mind as opposed to the physical body. Anyone with a psychological condition is understood to have a problem emotionally or mentally, and thus in need of treatment that focuses on the heart and mind. The very same thing holds true for someone with psychic abilities. In this case, rather than having a negative condition, such a person will have special skills relating to their emotional and mental perception of the world around them. In short, someone with psychic abilities can gain information or perform a task without using their five physical senses. This distinction is vital when it comes to being able to determine your unique psychic abilities. Just because you don't have vivid dreams, or you can't sense what another person is thinking is no reason to believe that you have no abilities whatsoever. This book covers the following topics: A short history of psychic & paranormal abilities types of psychics abilities what is intuition the gift of empathy clairvoyance how do you discover your intuitive type? expanding your awareness signs you may already have psychic abilities top five ways to develop your psychic abilities how to improve intuition learning to trust and listen to intuition understanding psychic empaths New energy ways awakening your psychic abilities healing stress and anxiety the benefits of developing your intuition and psychic abilities ...And much more Like any abilities, psychic abilities can be used in a vast number of ways to improve and even transform a person's day-to-day life. One example of this is in the area of intuition. Many people have to make decisions daily that will impact their lives in one way or another. Ready to get started? Click "Buy Now"!
Understand Your Emotions Do you know what is meant by mental health? Do you merely cope with your emotions, or can you use them for your benefit? Are you sure you are leading your children to emotional maturity? Feeling and Healing Your Emotions offers guidelines for emotional and spiritual wholeness. In simple question-and-answer format, readers learn that all emotions are positive aspects of our nature and that a fully developed emotional life can strengthen one's spiritual life. Feeling and Healing Your Emotions shows how humanistic sychology often fails to treat the whole person by ignoring his spiritual dimension. Further, it shows how the Bible is perfectly consistent with a psychology that combines findings in modern clinical psychiatry with centuries-old Christian beliefs about the body, mind and spirit.

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