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The Far Lands is a hidden area located at the very edge of Minecraft’s outer borders, unknown to normal users. There, the life of a young boy named Watcher is suddenly turned upside down when his village is destroyed by the vile zombie warlord Tu-Kar. Watcher and a handful of his friends vow to save those who were captured during the devastating battle and bring the zombie leader to justice. But along the way, they’ll uncover a terrifying secret about the monsters in the Far Lands, one that could change Minecraft forever.The Rise of the Warlords series is an interactive Minecraft adventure like never before, giving fans the option to play along in Minecraft as they read on custom Far Lands worlds exclusively designed by bestselling author Mark Cheverton.
The only book on the market telling the truth about monsters and how to fight them, this action-packed manual takes the term 'survival guide' to a whole new level! You might think you're a pro in sticky situations -- you can light a fire, read a compass, and survive a whole weekend camping with your parents -- but have you ever been faced with a zombie apocalypse or alien invasion? Covering everything you need to know to combat and evade zombies, aliens, robots, man-eating plants and more, this deadly serious survival guide will prepare and entertain in equal measure! Fast-paced, bite-sized text is paired with classic comic book-style illustrations. Each chapter covers the folklore and science behind a particular menace, before delving into what skills and preparation are needed to survive, should you be unlucky enough to meet face-to-face. Includes vital information on how to survive encounters and attacks from things that go bump in the night including: Zombies, Werewolves, The one and only Bigfoot, Aliens, Ghosts, Carnivorous Plants, Robots, Vampires, Dragons and Ogres. This is the only survival guide you really need to own!
When Zombies Attack is a collection of short stories, flash fiction, and poetry with over thirty individual pieces. Starting with zombies and ending with a flesh eater. There's horror, romance, murder, and mystery, a little for every reader. TRUE HORROR - a definition. WHEN ZOMBIES ATTACK - Can Angie survive a zombie hoard? SAMAEL - God or the devil himself? THE MAUSOLEUM - Will a young girl become the next sacrifice? THE DEVIL BE DAMNED - Hope for the defeated? INSOMNIA - Sometimes sleep is just too evasive, and then ... MY LOVE - Forget evil and fall in love. BARBECUE - A promised night of lust turns cannibalistic. WARRIOR - When an angel in training meets the Most Evil. TEMPTATION - Just a little fun. EXTERMINATION - Revenge is most sweet. THE CHOICE IS MINE - Could you jump into the fires of hell? DARK PLACES - We've all traveled there. A CHRISTMAS MURDER - A gift he couldn't refuse. FALLING - Into love or the abyss - what's the difference? THE FOUR FORTY-ONE KILLER - A serial killer confesses. UNFORGIVABLE - A sacrifice or uninformed choices? NO MORE - A gift of life, but at what cost? TELL ME - Lies serve a purpose. BEAUTIFUL SUCKS - Halloween night brings many surprises. YOU FOUND ME - When the unexpected happens. WHEN A STRANGER KNOCKS - Never, ever open that door. LOVE LETTERS - Love for eternity? DRIVEN TO MURDER -Murder is cheaper than divorce. EXPRESSIONS OF LOVE - Shower with a lover. HELLO AND GOODBYE - Some memories are best left in the ether. SECRET DESIRES - If only. VENGEANCE FIRST - Is murder ever forgivable? BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR - All I ever wanted, she got. SURRENDER OR SURVIVE - Love triumphs over death, finally. A GHOSTLY PURPOSE - A ghostly visit saves a life. DRABBLES - A collection of 100 word short stories. MICRO-FLASH FICTION - A collection of 150 word short stories. ENGINE 7 5 0 2 9 - A murderous poem. ALASKAN DESTINY - When dreams go too far. NO MEANS NO - A Press release about a miraculous drug. CAUGHT AGAIN - She gets away or does she? HAPPY HALLOWEEN - Don't covet the neighbor.
The infected murdered Gus Harvey's family. He no longer sees a point in being alive. Could a lost girl in London be his salvation? Six months after losing his family in the onset of the zombie apocalypse, Gus is living his sad, alcoholic life alone, waiting for the right time to die. So when the prime minister asks for his help in saving his daughter, Gus doesn't particularly jump at the opportunity. The girl is missing in London - a place so infested with zombies it has been quarantined. Unfortunately, Gus may be the only one foolish enough to take on this impossible mission. Could a quest to save this child give him the purpose he needs? Or will his own self-destruction become his ultimate downfall? This is the first book of the Chronicles of the Infected trilogy, the zombie apocalypse series from horror master Rick Wood. If you enjoy terrifying zombies, badass characters and perilous situations, this is the book for you. Download now and experience Gus's death-defying mission today!
Take on the role of a cartoon hero in this fully interactive, wacky, choose-your-own-destiny adventure story. YOU live in a small, dull town with your ma and pa, and while they are perfectly happy growing fruit and veg for the ever-expanding population, YOU want more than this sedate, rural life. That'll be when the zombie bunnies start popping up all over the place... Written by the award-winning duo Steve Barlow and Steve Skidmore, and illustrated by the amazing Lee Robinson. Age appropriate for 6 to 8 year olds. Also suitable for reluctant readers and less confident older readers. Printed using a font approved by the British Dyslexia Association.