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Grupa broniaków jedzie do Equestrii na tygodniową wycieczkę. W planach nie ma żadnego ratowania świata, żadnych epickich przygód, żadnych czarnych charakterów ani żadnych magicznych pojedynków. Tylko zwiedzanie krainy przez siedem zwyczajnych dni... Ale czy w Equestrii istnieje coś takiego jak zwyczajny dzień? I czy osoby, dla których kucyki pełnią istotną rolę w życiu, będą się umiały trzymać z dala od kłopotów?
The Routledge Intermediate Polish Reader is designed for intermediate students of Polish and includes a wide range of graded texts. The readings are taken from an assortment of contemporary Polish writing, including extracts from modern literature and articles from magazines and newspapers. The texts have been specifically selected to ensure that students receive maximum exposure to topics relevant to Polish language, history, culture and society, making this Reader an engaging and stimulating resource with a meaningful cultural context. Each reading is fully supported by: a general introduction text-related comprehension questions and extensive vocabulary exercises explanations of any difficult grammar structures encountered in the text a comprehensive glossary at the back of the book detailed cultural-historical notes answer key grammar supplement Suitable for both class use and independent study, The Routledge Intermediate Polish Reader is an essential tool for vocabulary learning and increasing reading proficiency.
Deaths by suicide are high: every 40 seconds, someone in the world chooses to end their life. Despite acknowledgement that suicide notes are social texts, there has been no book which analyzes suicide notes as discursive texts and no attempt at a qualitative discourse analysis of them. Discourses of Men's Suicide Notes redresses this gap in the literature. Focussing on men and masculinity and anchored in qualitative discourse analysis, Dariusz Galasinski responds to the need for a more thorough understanding of suicidal behaviour. Culturally, men have been posited to be 'masters of the universe' and yet some choose to end their lives. This book takes a qualitative approach to data gathered from the Polish Corpus of Suicide Notes, a unique repository of over 600 suicide notes, to explore discourse from and about men at the most traumatic juncture of their lives. Discussing how men construct suicide notes and the ways in which they position their relationships and identities within them, Discourses of Men's Suicide Notes seeks to understand what these notes mean and what significance and power they are invested with.

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